Pond Additives

Mock 4 in 1 (Beneficial Bacteria)  (#1 Seller)

Available in 16oz, 32oz, and Gallon size

For best results, use Mock 4 in 1 Formula once a week for the duration of the warmer months, and use Mock Cold Water Formula when water temps are below 65 degrees (Spring and Fall months) as long as your water pumps are running.

When you first “open” your pond for the season, we recommend that you treat with a double dose for the first two weeks to boost the re-establishment of the ecosystem after a long winter’s nap!

Mock Sludge Digester

Available in 16oz, 32oz, and Gallon size

When you first “open” your pond for the season, we recommend that you treat with Mock Sludge Digester every day for seven days.  After your water quality is at the desired level and your pond is clear, we also recommend that this additive be a regular part of treatment once a week for the entire season. This product works best when paired with Mock 4 in 1!

Mock Detoxifying Formula

Available in 16oz and 32oz sizing

Mock Detoxifying Formula is recommended for those with city water, and it aids in the reduction of nitrate buildup, chlorine and chloamine.  Use anytime you “top off” your pond, or do a partial or full water change.

Mock Clarifying Formula

Available in 16oz and 32oz sizing

Mock Clarifying Formula is a great product to use when you suddenly have murky or cloudy water (for example, when your fish are spawning).  This product is a flocculant:

1. a substance that promotes the clumping of particles

Treating your pond with our Clarifying Formula will clear up your water in no time!

Mock Pond Salt

Available in 4lb and 8lb containers (4lb will treat 800 gallons, and 8lb will treat 1600 gallons)

Mock Pond Salt is a non-negotiable when setting up your pond for the first time, or after a water change if you have fish.  Salt is a necessity for the health and immunity of your koi and goldfish.  It replaces electrolytes that your fish lose in times of stress, and it also repairs the natural slime coat that they need to ward off parasites.

Mock Rock ‘N Clean

Available in 2lb, 8lb, and 25lb containers

Mock Rock N Clean is an oxygen based cleaner for rocks, fountains and waterfalls to remove string algae.  This product, when used as directed is safe for fish and plants.  It is safe for use in ornamental ponds if you follow the correct dosing instructions.

Mock Muck Buster

5lb Pail – 3 gram pellets

Mock Muck Buster Pellets are great for eliminating muck at the shoreline of your earth bottom pond.  This all-natural product will break up and dissolve the black/brown sludge that you will find when leaves have settled at the shoreline and decomposed.  We recommend that you treat every two weeks, and when temperatures are above 55 degrees.

Mock Good Stuff

10-8oz Water Soluble Packets

Mock Good Stuff Water Soluble Packets are perfect for treating your earth bottom pond with a slow release bacteria to clear your pond water and keep your ecosystem in balance.  Using this product on a regular basis will keep your pond water clear and beautiful year-round.

Mock Good Stuff Plus

One gallon of liquid bacteria, and one slow release Eco Sock

Mock Good Stuff Plus is a one-two punch of all-natural beneficial bacteria to jump start your earth bottom pond’s ecosystem in the spring, or to dose in preparation for a long winter.  We recommend you treat as soon as the water temperatures rise above 38 degrees in the spring, and continue treating per the dosing instructions for best results.  This product will help keep your water clear, eliminate pond odors, reduce sludge and muck buildup, eliminate excess nutrients, and help fight algae.  It is safe for humans and wildlife.

Mock Eco Sock (Slow Release Beneficial Bacteria)

Mock Eco Sock is a great product to use in your larger ornamental pond (5000gallons or more) or in your earth bottom pond to add beneficial bacteria slowly, as it is a slow release water soluble packet.  It is ideal for spring start-up or fall cleanouts.

Mock Pond Dye

Available in quart size bottles, treats one surface acre up to 6 feet deep

Mock Pond Dye for earth bottom ponds helps to reflect sunlight to assist in controlling algae growth.  Our pond dye is safe for wildlife and humans. 

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