June 13, 2018
Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day, with a visit to Mock Pond and Landscape Supply to claim your FREE
3-4″ koi!  This special event will take place on Saturday, June 16th from 9-3, while supplies last. No purchase necessary. No rain checks. Only one per household.
Please respond to this e-mail to claim your fish!
If you haven’t already done so, please visit our Facebook page and our google site to give us a review!  Let everyone know how much you love Mock Pond and Landscape Supply!
Introducing…Tommy Docks!

“Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay…Wastin’ Time”
“Tommy Docks are designed to be the highest quality, most user-friendly do-it-yourself dock system on the planet! Our patented hardware design will deliver strength and superior stability to your dock. Our system is completely modular for creating a multitude of different dock layout configurations.
Whether you’re looking for a standard dock design or a way to create an elaborate custom setup of your own invention, the Tommy Docks system makes doing it yourself easy.”
Mock Property Services is your Authorized Dealer for Tommy Docks, and can answer any questions you have.
Call us today for an estimate!
Berlin Gardens Structures

Have you ever considered adding a structure to your outdoor living space?  Mock Property Services is your local authorized dealer for Berlin Gardens, and can offer you endless options to enhance your back yard!
“Outdoor spaces have received a lot of attention – and for good reason.  They give you more living space and enable you to enjoy your property more.  If you already have a patio or deck, you might not think there’s much more to do outside. But, there are still other ways to add interest to your yard.
One of the ways you can enjoy being outside more is by adding an outdoor structure.  Topping that list is a pergola, a structure with an open roof made of wooden crossbeams.  With a pergola, it’s nice to move your party into an outdoor space that takes advantage of your garden views. A pergola can be as large or as small as you like, and as detailed as you like.
Seating space underneath a large pergola can be made with gravel, such as crushed granite or mulch, or with the more formal look of poured concrete or paving stones. Plantings around the four corners add a green element and help it blend in with the yard.
Gazebos and pavilions
These structures also let you enjoy the great outdoors from a cozy retreat. Unlike pergolas, gazebos and pavilions have a solid roof.”
*Article excerpt courtesy of Detroit News
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From Winter to Summer in one day…
It truly seems like we went straight from Winter right into the “Dog Days of Summer” this year!  For pond owners, this has so far proven to make life very difficult…
Let us help!
At Mock Pond and Landscape Supply, we have been VERY busy answering questions and helping many of you get your ponds clean and clear.  Algae has taken over, fish have spawned earlier than usual, toads have made a mess, and plants are a month behind growth.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Stop by anytime and we will answer any questions you have.  We are always happy to help!
We Hope to See You Soon!
Pond and Lake Management
Did you know?
Cari Ayers, our Retail Store Manager, has recently received her Aquatic Pesticide Applicators License with the Ohio Department of Agriculture!  What does this mean?  It means she studied hard, and can point you in the right direction on how to care for your natural/earth bottom pond or lake with confidence and distinction!
Whether you are a do-it yourself kind of pond owner, or if you need our expertise to get your pond or lake looking beautiful, call Cari today!

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