June 21, 2017
The Value of Outdoor Structures
Gazebos, Pavilions, or Pergolas

Outdoor spaces have received a lot of attention – and for good reason. They give you more living space and enable you to enjoy your property more. And if you already have a patio or deck, you might not think there’s much more to do outside. But there are still other ways to add interest to your yard.
One of the ways you can enjoy being outside more is by adding an outdoor structure. Topping that list is a pergola, a structure with an open roof made of wooden crossbeams. With a pergola, it’s nice to move your party into the yard, or into an outdoor space that takes advantage of your garden views. A pergola can be as large, small and as detailed as you like. 
Seating space underneath a large pergola can be made with easy-to-put-down gravel, crushed granite or mulch, or with the more formal look of poured concrete or paving stones. Plantings around the four corners add a green element and help it blend in with the yard.
Small pergolas with two posts can be added to make the entrance to a garden more enticing and enjoyable. They can also be used as arbors for flowering vines or climbing roses, or as an attractive way to hang a backyard swing.
Gazebos and pavilions
These structures also let you enjoy the great outdoors from a cozy retreat. Unlike pergolas, gazebos and pavilions have a solid roof. Visit our website to learn more, or visit Berlin Gardens to see many ideas and options to make your backyard dreams come true!
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The Value of Water Features

We are intimately aware that home owners want increased value in their investment. We are home owners ourselves. That’s why we want to share with you one of the best ways to increase this value in your home by taking the time to talk about the impact water features can have on your lawn.
In the very real world, where people live in the homes they buy, a water feature in the landscape design will create an atmosphere of tranquility and feel like an extension of your home.
For home owners who like to entertain guests, water features create a center piece for conversation. These are intrinsic values, increasing the quality of life and elevating a piece of property past merely being a habitat.
Isn’t this what home is all about?
But the value a water feature can add to a property listing goes beyond the impact it has on atmosphere. A great landscape design with a fountain as a centerpiece creates uniqueness and gives the potential for a home to stand out. A very important consideration in today’s real estate market which caters to the buyer, not the seller.
At the very least it tells a prospective buyer: this property is well maintained and the current owner is conscience of the details.
We’ve all heard the term ‘curb appeal’. It’s the impact a home has on a prospective buyer when they simply step out of the car to take their first look. It is the first impression being made. Without a doubt, landscape design, for the good or the bad, is inescapable.
A prospective buyer actually goes through a series of first impressions. After all, they have never seen the listing before. Even as the outside landscape of the house is mostly forgotten and bedrooms, living rooms, and the kitchen become focal points; the outside world becomes part of each and every room. Indoor elements like lighting, windows, and view really bring the outdoors to life on the inside.
A great landscape design weaves a beautiful connection between the inside and outside of the home. It is in this environment where a unique feature like a fountain, pond, or waterfall can become the game changer in the tight economic times. It’s when a prospective buyer is standing in the living room, looking out the window, watching and listening as water trickles down the rocks and realizes this is home.
All of this information is great if you are sure you’re selling your home, but at Mock Property Services, once you have us install a water feature we are sure you will want to stay forever!
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