February 27, 2019
Project Spotlight:
Pond Build and Water Features

Give your home or business an instant water view!  Whether you choose to install a simple bubbling fountain, cascading waterfall or tranquil Koi pond, Mock Property Services will design, install and maintain your water feature as part of a functional and refreshing landscape.  Without a doubt, adding a water feature to your landscape will completely transform the way you enjoy your outdoor living space.  Just imagine coming home from a stressful day and being able to relax next to the harmonious sounds of a beautiful water feature.
We are among the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water garden industry!
Interactive Koi Pond
A decorative fish pond is shallow enough so colorful fish like Koi are easily seen swimming around.  You and your guests will delight in watching and feeding the fish in the pond making it a truly interactive water feature.  The graceful movements of the fish bring serenity to the landscaping and make it feel like a true outdoor oasis even in the most suburban of locations.
Pondless Waterfall

Interested in a water feature but concerned about the safety and liabilities of having a pond?  Or are you apprehensive about taking on the responsibility of maintaining a full-fledged ecosystem pond?  Then a pond-less waterfall is the solution for you.  A pond-less waterfall is simply a waterfall and/or stream without the pond.  Water is recycled through an under ground reservoir and pumped back up through the filter falls.  This water feature is low maintenance, energy efficient and a great alternative to an ecosystem pond.  The low cost and simple maintenance makes this system an easy choice for those wanting to add life to their existing landscape plan.
Certified Aquascape Contractor
Mock Property Services is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor.  Certified Aquascape Contractors are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry.  All Certified Aquascape Contractors are required to attend continual training and education seminars and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service and support.  All water feature installers who wish to become Certified Aquascape Contractors must complete an in-depth application that includes referrals, pictures of completed water features, and answer general questions about their business and water gardening philosophy.  These applications are then reviewed by technical agents at Aquascape, Inc. and a review board made up of other established Certified Aquascape Contractors.
DIY Water Features
Ready to build your own water feature?  We also sell DIY kits at our Retail Store.  One of our highly trained pond specialists will help walk you through the installation process step by step.  Our goal is to create lifetime customers and we believe this is achieved by offering the highest quality customer service.  Whether you are creating a new water garden or just need assistance in maintaining your existing water feature we are here to help!  We’ll help you dream it up and customize a plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.  Contact Mock Property Services today for a complimentary quote.
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Product Spotlight:
Aquascape Pond Kits

The Aquascape approach to creating backyard pond kits is quite different from many other water garden companies’ offerings. The goal with our backyard pond and water garden kits is to create a complete low-maintenance system that works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. All pond kit components selected work well together and complement the addition of rocks, gravel, fish, and plants. Learn more about Aquascape pond and water garden kits below!
How To Build a Backyard Pond
Watch this great video on how to build your very own backyard pond, and when you are ready, call Mock Pond and Landscape Supply to order your kit!   You have several options to choose from, and as you can see below you will get just about everything you will need to build your perfect pond!
8′ x 11′ Pond Kit            11′ x 16′ Pond Kit             21′ x 26′ Pond Kit
The Aquascape Pond Kit comes complete with everything you need to build a beautiful ecosystem pond in any space. All necessary components are provided in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of purchasing individual components. The included skimmer and BioFalls® filter provide efficient mechanical and biological filtration, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pond. The AquaSurge® Pond Pump provides the ideal flow for recirculating water in the pond. The kit also includes the Automatic Dosing System for Ponds with water treatment, automatically adding water treatments to the pond when needed. Aquascape is passionate about the products we produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.
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