August 2, 2017
Need Ideas?
Meet the Newest Member of our Team!

Did you know?
Please help us welcome Scott Glosser!  Scott has 15 years of experience in landscape design, and can help transform your vision, taking the ordinary and creating spaces that are both functional and visually captivating.
Get a fresh perspective
Before you can choose which projects to start with, it helps to see your landscape with fresh eyes and a broad, overall view. We get so used to our landscaping that it can be hard to pinpoint what others might see. There are two simple tricks to seeing your landscape with a new viewpoint. With both of these techniques, the goal is to forget what you think you know about your landscape and to instead see what is actually there.
The first is an old artist’s trick. Stand back from your landscape, far enough away that you can see all of it at once. Then squint your eyes until they blur, and try to clear your mind.
There may be areas that, when viewed with blurred eyes, appear dark and overgrown. Some areas might feel messy because there are too many small plantings, statues, or pots. Or, you may have an area that is bright and clean, but a little too bare.  All of these insights can give you a general idea of which projects to tackle first.
The second technique you can use to see your landscape with fresh eyes is to take some black and white photographs of your landscaping. Taking color away can make a familiar space seem new, so you can see it with objective eyes. Nowadays, most digital cameras have a black and white setting, so this is easy to do even if you’re not a techno-whiz.
Ask for help
Mock Property Services offers a consultation service. If you’re having trouble deciding what to focus on, even a short meeting with Scott can help you pinpoint the tasks that will bring the greatest return.
Call today to schedule a consultation!
Shop and Ship!
Fall will be here before we know it, and our Fall Pond Prep items are ready for delivery!  From Cold Water Bacteria, Cold Water Fish Food, aerators, de-icer rings, pond nets, etc. Call and place your today.  Items will be shipped the next business day! Any of our natural products or fish food are also available (not including our gallon size bottles).  Visit our new and improved website to see full product descriptions.
To introduce this program, we are offering FREE shipping on all orders over $100 for the rest of the season.  See an associate in the pond store for details!
Call us today to place your order!
Save 10%!
Visit Mock Pond and Landscape Supply, and mention this week’s ad to save 10% on any one item in our store!
(Not valid on AirMax products, mulch or gravel)
Fall Pond Closings
We can’t believe it either…but Fall IS right around the corner.  Keep an eye on your inbox and mailbox for your 2017 Fall Pond Closing Contract around September 1st. Simply sign and return your contract, along with payment in full to reserve your spot on our schedule.  
Closings are weather dependent, but usually begin mid to late October.  If you need your pond closed before then, please call the office.

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