September 5, 2018

Why Aerate Your Water Garden
When the sun goes down, fish and plants both use dissolved oxygen in your pond water. Aeration systems ensure oxygen levels stay high day and night to keep your fish, plants, and pond ecosystem healthy. Subsurface aeration, like Aquascape’s 2 or 4 Stone Aeration unit, works from the bottom up, circulating the water and infusing oxygen into the pond. If you do not already have an aeration system, here are six great reasons why you should consider adding aeration into your pond.

  1. Limitations of Water Features – Most water gardens rely solely on waterfalls, fountains, or spitters to circulate and aerate the water. These units can be effective; however, they are only adding oxygen to the top portions of the water. This leaves many areas of the pond, especially the bottom, untouched allowing for the accumulation of organic debris. Using a properly sized aerator starts moving the water at the bottom of the pond, allowing for improved circulation and dissolved oxygen levels.
  2. Beneficial Bacteria – Like your fish, beneficial bacteria are aerobic and need oxygen to survive. These bacteria consume the excess nutrients in your pond which act as fertilizer for algae growth. Aeration makes these bacteria work harder to clean up your pond leading to a cleaner pond with less build-up in the water column or at the bottom of the pond – which is something your fish will thank you for.
  3. Winter Water Quality – Though your fish and filtration system go dormant for the winter, the organic debris will continue to decompose and release gas into the water column. When ice is formed completely over the pond, the gasses become trapped, replacing the oxygen and leading to a fatal situation for your fish. Heaters and de-icers keep a hole open in the ice to allow for ventilation, but they are not able to circulate the pond to move those gasses out. In comes aeration, providing a continual supply of oxygen. Additionally, moving all that water also helps to discourage ice formation, which means that you can use a smaller wattage de-icer and reduce your energy costs.
  4. Saves Money – Aeration systems are energy efficient and can help you cut down on your energy bill. These systems are designed to run 24/7, yet only cost a few bucks per month. Rather than running a costly waterfall pump all the time, use it only when you are there to enjoy it and rely on a properly sized aeration system to keep the dissolved oxygen levels raised. This small change is not only better for your fish, but can save you hundreds of dollars each year.
  5. Reduced Maintenance – In conjunction with proper filtration, adding aeration will keep your pond cleaner longer. This means you can spend more time relaxing around your pond rather than cleaning it.
  6. Fish Love it – Your fish will gather around and enjoy the bubbles coming from the diffusers. With all the benefits that an aeration system can provide, your pond will become a balanced ecosystem that will make any fish happy.
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Don’t Have Room for a Pond?
Want a water feature, but don’t have the room for a pond?  That’s okay!  We have lots of other options for you to choose from, and most of them are low maintenance!
Aquascape Scalloped Urn
The Aquascape Scalloped Urn is an easy way to add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to any location. The lightweight, durable fiber-glass resin composite construction is built to last and provides the look and beauty of real ceramic. Water is pumped up through the center of the urn and gracefully cascades over the unique scalloped design, creating an impressive effect. The stunning finish will not fade or chip, ensuring year after year of enjoyment. Add the element of fire to the Scalloped Urn with the Aquascape Fire Fountain Add-On Kit (sold separately). Aquascape is passionate about the products they produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.
Aquascape Stacked Slate Wall
The Aquascape Stacked Slate Spillway Wall makes it easy to add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to any location. This unique water feature is extremely versatile for use in a wide variety of applications, including standalone fountains, pond edges, or the start of waterfalls and streams. Water surges through three separate water outlets at the top of the wall before spilling over the textured front of the feature. The impressive natural-looking finish looks and ages like real stone, and the durable, lightweight fiberglass-resin composite construction is built to last. Three sections of fountain tubing are provided to supply each water outlet. The Stacked Slate Spillway Wall comes in two parts for easy transport.
Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Kit
Aquascape Pagoda Fountain Rocks incorporate the sights and sounds of water to any environment by providing a unique, natural stone water feature that can be easily tied into any yard or landscape. Each stone is unique in shape, color, and texture and the layered formation of the stones creates a beautiful rippling effect as water runs over the surface. The set contains one large, one medium, and one small rock, allowing for an aesthetically-balanced feature. Our Pagoda Fountain Rocks are core-drilled for easy installation and recessed for use with our Aquascape Fountain Accent Light.
Aquascape Fire Fountain
Aquascape Fire Fountains combine the beauty and elegance of fire and flowing water to provide a self-contained, standalone water feature that is sure to impress. The durable GFRC construction stands up to the elements and ensures years of enjoyment. Setup is quick and easy, and the sandstone finish allows the fountain to blend easily into a wide variety of settings. The included fire pot is simple and easy to use, providing an ideal centerpiece for any setting. The fountain comes complete with pump, plumbing, and fire feature (paraffin fuel and decorative stones sold separately).
Aquascape Basalt Column Set
The Aquascape Natural Mongolian Basalt Columns Set of 3 is ideal for creating an impressive, recirculating, three-piece basalt fountain. Three columns are included, measuring 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches in height. Each column is constructed of real Mongolian basalt, extremely durable, and crafted to provide a one-of-a-kind stone water feature. Aquascape basalt columns are handcrafted from natural stone and pre-drilled for quick and simple installation. No two columns are the same, providing each stone with unique qualities.
Aquascape Spillway Bowls
The Aquascape Spillway Bowl creates a beautiful spilling water feature that allows for variety of installation possibilities. The Spillway Bowl can be installed as a standalone disappearing water feature using an Aquascape AquaBasin® 45 or installed into an existing pond or water feature. Combine the Spillway Bowl with the Spillway Basin, Spillway Bowl Stand, and water basin for an incredible standalone feature that is sure to impress. Made from durable GFRC, this incredible decorative feature is easy to install and built for years of trouble-free enjoyment. Its unique patina finish and 32 inch diameter allows the bowl to naturally compliment any environment. The included standpipe provides multiple options for tweaking the water flow after installation.
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Fall Pond Prep Early Buy
Fall is right around the corner.  Now is the time to take an inventory of your Fall Pond Prep Supplies, and take advantage of our early buy program!  Place your order by September 15th and SAVE!  Click the link below to check out our great deals!
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Fall Mulch!
Mock Pond and Landscape Supply offers 4 colors of double shredded hardwood mulch available!  To protect your plants and shrubs from the upcoming winter, and put down a fresh layer now that it has cooled off a bit.
Natural (non-dyed) Mulch is now just $16/yard!
Dyed Black, Brown and Red are $28/yard!
Delivery is $35, and available with a minimum of 24 hours notice, weekdays only.
We also have screened topsoil, sand, limestone, and decorative gravel.  Call today for pricing!
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