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We are so excited to share our new and improved website!  Please visit us HERE to check it out!  You will be delighted to see all that we offer and will enjoy our project galleries.
Visit the Retail tab to check out what Mock Pond and Landscape Supply is all about!  Here you will find information on our entire line of Mock Pond additives and also a Frequently Asked Questions tab to help you with some of your most common pond problems.
Doggonit!  I Have Algae!
Did you know? 2017 has been dubbed the 5th rainiest season in 80 years?? This is a contributing factor as to why so many pond owners are frustrated this season!  EVERYONE has had algae.  
We have a solution!  Mock Rock N Clean granular algae treatment is an oxygen based cleaner that is safe for fish and aquatic life.  This product will treat string algae and microbial algae as well!

This product is available in 2, 8, and 25 pound containers.
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There are other things that you can do to help keep algae blooms from happening…
  • Make sure you are consistently treating your pond with Mock 4 in 1 Formula, every week.  If you notice algae beginning, treat it with a double dose twice a week.  Then you can retreat to once a week with a normal dose.
  • Also, be sure to check your filter pad and clean it at a minimum of 3 times a week during an algae outbreak.
  • Lastly, add some floating hyacinth or lettuce to your pond to absorb some of the excess nutrients that the algae is eating.  These plants are helpful in clearing up pond water!
NEW!!  If you just don’t have time, or we are not in your area we can ship your order directly to you!  Simply call in your order and it will ship on the next business day!  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
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Berlin Gardens Structures
As we head into the second half of summer, you may be planning to move the indoors, outside!  Visit our website or click the link to Berlin Gardens LLC to view their online catalog.  Call Mock Pond and Landscape Supply for a free, 
same day quote!

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