October 24, 2018
Hardscape/ Design-Build/Outdoor Living
One area of the home to come the furthest in terms of design over the years is the outdoor living space. These were once just spaces to place a patio furniture set and maybe a grill. But these days, people are including televisions, entire kitchens (including the kitchen sink) and dining areas fit for a restaurant. Many outdoor living spaces have fire pits that are works of art, and sometimes even full fireplaces. So, if you’re ready to update your outdoor living space in a big way, look at the inspiring photos below. You might just find an idea for your next backyard remodel.
Outdoor Living Spaces with a TV

One of the key ways in which outdoor living spaces have evolved is the inclusion of technology right in the backyard. Thanks to the modern convenience of flat screens, it’s easier than ever to hang a television anywhere. There are several different ways to make a television work in an outdoor space, though it’s important to install them in enclosed spaces to guard them from the weather. Read below for some of the best ways to make use of a television in an outdoor space.
Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

Nowadays, outdoor spaces feature entire kitchens. This means there are spaces for small refrigerators, a variety of cook-tops and sinks outdoors.
Modern outdoor kitchen appliances also tend to come in stainless steel, since that makes the appliances more resistant to the weather and other wear and tear. A common design aesthetic is to put stainless steel in stone or brick. The rustic stone and modern stainless-steel combination create interesting contrast. The stone also helps anchor the appliances in place and gives them a more outdoorsy look.
Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

A classic mainstay of an outdoor space is the fire pit. Many of us have spent fond evenings relaxing around the fire. However, fire pits have adopted an artistic bent over the years, looking more like “fire features” than traditional fire pits.
Another development is taking the traditional fireplace from inside the home and placing it outside. These usually provide seating areas and a backdrop for TVs.
Outdoor Dining Spaces

Perhaps it wouldn’t be a full outdoor living space without bringing the dining room outside, too. Outdoor dining spaces these days are so detailed that they look like they belong indoors – that is, until you look closer and realize that everything is designed to stand up to the elements.
Some outdoor living spaces boast long, full tables similar-to what you would see in a dining room. Others make use of bar areas. Still others resemble kitchen islands. With so many options surrounding space and materials, the outdoor dining space is truly customizable.
If you’re looking to remodel your backyard, options for outdoor living spaces are nearly endless. 
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Adding a structure to your outdoor living space will allow you to enjoy the seasons a while longer.  Whether you decide on a gazebo, a pergola or a pavilion you will not regret extending your home into the back yard!  Mock Property Services is an Authorized Dealer for Berlin Gardens in Millersburg, Ohio and can provide you with endless options and features to choose from.  Visit their website HERE to build your wood or vinyl structure, and call us for a quote!
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Have a Pond?
Did you know that we have a Retail Store?  Mock Pond and Landscape Supply can provide you with anything and everything you will need to build or maintain any type/size water feature.
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Cari, our store manager, is licensed with the State of Ohio in Aquatic Pesticide Application and has completed many hours of training to troubleshoot problems and recommend solutions to care for your earth bottom pond.  It doesn’t matter if you have a 1/8 acre or an 8 acre pond.
In our retail store from May 1st through October (weather permitting) we stock many sizes and varieties of koi and goldfish, as well as aquatic plants.  We also have a full line of treatments and additives to care for your pond or lake.
We also stock a full selection of pond pumps, lighting, fish food and treats, mulch, soil and gravel.  We hope to see you soon!

At Mock Property Services, our goal is to provide you with a source for “All Your Outdoorzy Needs” to help you “Love Where You Live”.

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