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Pond Maintenance

Ponds & Water Features Maintenance

Whether it is monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, Mock Property Services has a pond maintenance program for you. We offer standard services or we can design a custom pond maintenance program specifically to meet your service needs. We service both indoor and outdoor water features and offer a complete maintenance program. [Click Here For Aeration]

Spring Clean Out

Please do not try this at home! Schedule your annual spring clean with Mock Property Services, we will:

  • Drain water from pond
  • Place fish in secondary holding tank
  • Pressure wash pond rocks, remove any debris and sludge build up ( an additional charge may apply if debris is more than a 5lb. container )
  • Fix any rocks or gravel that has fallen or shifted while pressure washing.
  • Trim existing aquatic plants
  • Clean-out skimmer and falls box. Inspect filtration in both
  • Re-fill pond enough to float fish
  • Add dechlorinator to new pond water
  • Make recommendations on appearance, filter media, and water treatment solutions

Pond Winterization

Prepare your pond for those tough winter months! Your winterization should be done late October thru early December. Let Mock Property Services take care of those final touches:

  • Remove leaf build-up in pond
  • Clean filters including skimmer & falls box
  • Trim pond plants and drop to bottom
  • Test water quality: pH, nitrites, nitrates, carbonate hardness & general hardness
  • Protective Net for pond to protect from falling leaves. Customer will be charged unless they already own a protective net
  • Pull filter media out of skimmer and falls box and store at customers home unless the ecosystem is running through winter.
  • Pull, clean, and inspect pump-(This will be done at our shop and reinstalled in the spring) Please make other arrangements if you don’t want our services to re-install for the spring.


Maybe your pond or water feature service needs are not very demanding? Then, just call us when you need us and we will schedule your service call. We are here for you!

Emergency Pond Service

Do you need service today? Is your pond draining, has your pump failed? Maybe your prize koi are gasping for air at the top of your pond! Don’t waste precious time trying to handle this on your own. IF YOU ARE HAVING AN EMERGENCY CALL US!

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